Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Carry On Luggage Questions Am I allowed to take canned goods with me on my carry on luggage?

My daughter and I are going to San Deigo on Fri. We want to take a few canned goods with us for the hotel room. Food is cheaper where we live so anything to save a buck.Ha. I want to know if we are allowed to take canned goods with us on our carry on luggage on airplane.

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3 Responses

April 3, 2010

No, but it would be OK in checked luggage.

April 3, 2010

I would contact the airport and ask, but do you really want to lug all that crap through the airport? It’s so much more fun to buy local foods in grocery stores where you are visiting. Part of the experience and not that much more expensive since you aren’t eating out. If you were say, going backpacking, that would make sense since, as a tourist, you might not know where to get appropriate dehydrated foods in San Diego on your way to the mountains.

You have the right idea. One of the few ways to control costs on trips is food selection. San Diego has some great markets though!

April 3, 2010
J.J.'s Advice / Avis de J.J.

It would be better if you put it in your checked luggage. If the canned goods contain liquid, then they won’t be allowed. Even if they don’t, the security could decide to not let you take it. I wouldn’t risk it, if I were you. Just put with checked luggage.

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